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Adex Wheel Beast Cleaner

Adex Wheel Beast Cleaner

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With Wheel Beast, dirt has no chance! For all steel and light-alloy wheel rims + pointed, chrome-plated, polished and matt rims. Gentle on materials. Skin pH neutral.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake before use. Before ap-plication, fest for material compatibility in an inconspicuous place. Do not use on repainted rims. From a short distance, generously and evenly spray cooled wheel rim. Allow to work for 3-5 minutes. The colour of SONAX Beast turns red and unfolds its full cleaning power. Remove especially beastly dirt contamination with a brush - wear suitable protective gloves. Rinse off the cleoner completely with a strong water jet or high-pressure deaner. Does not attack the rim surfaces or wheel bolts. Suitable for tyres with TPMS (tyre-pressure monitoring systems).

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